Friday, 28 September 2012

Redang Here I Come~~~

I know many of you are sick of me when I mention the word "Redang" haha!!!
Finally, here is my post of my Redang Adventure~~ *YAY*  almost died from editing all these pictures!
It was a very very last-minute decision and I'm so glad that I managed to get 3 people to accompany the boring couple to this damn ulu place *LOL*
For those who don't know, it takes 12 hours of coach and 1 hr of ferry to reach this heaven, so basically we were dead by the time we reached *HAHAHAHA*  But everyone knew that it was really worth the time travelling and we were damn excited!!!
The coach departed at 9.30pm so we met up to have our dinner at Golden Mile before we starved ourselves in the coach!
And we went to NANA~~~~~  the food was surprisingly delicious!!
Can you tell how excited Vicky was??? She couldn't sleep the whole day and she brought soooooooooo many clothes just for our 4D3N trip *LAUGH*
Everyone was expecting to charge their batteries in the coach so most of us didn't have much sleep earlier on. I woke up at 8am in the morning and I had 3 photoshoots before I went down to meet the guys so I was really exhausted ):
But the terrible thing is..................     the aircon in the bus was SO DAMN STRONG that everyone was shivering and none of us managed to sleep!!!!!!!!!!! *GOSH*
Yappy took out some of his T-shirts to cover his feet LOL!!!
We told the bus driver the adjust the temperature and he was like "this is the warmest"  *ROLL EYES* Can't u see all of us are shivering????
And this is the action we took to stop the aircon from working; we stuffed tissue paper into the ventilation holes *LOL* It did help abit but I still didn't manage to sleep at all. *SIGH
Luckily I had a cardigan from GipsyPixie with me! And it is long sleeved!! i mean, who will bring a knit cardigan to a beach resort when they didn't know that the coach would be freezing!! *PISSED*
The coach dropped us at some very ulu kampong place and we had to wait 1hr for the ferry! The ferry only have 2 departure timings which are 9am and 12pm.
This girl suffered the most during the journey, look at how sexy she is *LOL*
This is the meal that caused Darren, the Thai boy, to puke in the ferry and that was just the beginning of his terrible nightmare. He lost his passport, YES I KNOW RIGHT and also he had super high fever, poor little sick kitten! *OWWWW*
Happy us, but all of us changed our face right after 20min of the ferry journey.....
Finally!!!!!!!!!!! After 13hours of traveling........ we are finally here at this GOD DAMN ISLAND!!
This sick boy, still can act cute to me *ROLL EYES*
Very nice of the hotel, they sent a buggy to pick us up!!
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................................. this is the view from our lobby!
Happy couple!!
Look at these!!!! The sand is so soft!!! I've totally fallen in love with this place. I've never felt this relaxed before!
No one could stop themself from smiling *HEHE*
we went to have our lunch before check-in our room and the hotel food is so yummy, GOSH i gain so much by eating the hotel food!! The best thing is, all our meals are covered under the package!
And the moment we got into our room, the girls SCREAMED LIKE MADDDDDDDDDD
I can't describe how high the pitch was but I know that the people who stay opposite were trying to make fun of us *LOL*
I know the room looks really normal in the picture but trust me it's NOT!!!!!! Can u imagine not lying on a bed for 2days? It's so happy to see beds!!!! I feel at home!! And the room was pretty big, there are 4 single beds and our room was connected to the boys' room!
Things that i bought to the trip!!!
After settling down, we changed outfits and got ready for our 1st snorkeling
We felt pretty unwell because the boat was really shaky but nothing could stop our excitement!
Vicky has a really epic face in the middle pic lol
My act cute version *PASS*
Darren, Thai boy, act cute version *PASS*
And here comes the.......
Crazy woman act cute version *..........*
Our big and empty lobby..
2nd day of our trip!! Wearing this red gradient dress from EGP. it totally suits the environment, doesn't it??
I did brought my makeup box to Redang but none of us were willing to make an effort to put on makeup because we were playing with water and also snorkeling everyday!
View from our dining place, such a paradise......
This was just my 1st plate for the breakfast!! I LOVE THEIR FOOD!!!
i will never forget the water and the sand there...
The drama 'Summer More More Tea' was filmed here and that's when people started to notice this island!
My beloved Yappy!! Without his help, we wouldn't have been able to go to Redang on our expected day! <3
ok, this is really epic. Dear Darren and Prescillia try to wake us up but neither Vicky and I responded so this is what they did to us!! PLAYING LEGO on our head HUH!!!! And the most shocking thing is that none of us knew what was happening LOL
Very poor boy... he was having high fever but i think he was really crazy because he just left the room and went to the hotel lobby to accompany us.
Can u see how many blankets he used to warm himself?? i feel so sad for him..
My wife Vicky <3

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