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I finally bought my ring light and I rushed home to get all the photos done because I know ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!
I don't usually share my makeup products because you can't get some of them in SG. But these are the really good ones so I hope u enjoy reading this post and do tell me if u can get them in SG=P

TADAH!!!!!!! These are all the items in my makeup box *WAVE WAVE*
I actually have a lot more at home but I always travel a lot so I put all my most BELOVED ones with me always! So these are really my TOP SECRET!
I bought my huge makeup box from NARAYA! It's a very famous "tourist" brand in Thailand in case u don't know about it! And u will be really surprised to know the price *SCREAM*
If I remember correctly, I bought the bag at 110-150 baht which is around $5 SGD!
I often lose myself when I'm in the shop hahaha and it's getting more n more common now as you can see people carrying it around SG.
OPPS!! I've gone way too far!! BACK TO MY TOP SECRET :)

Honestly speaking, I'm the laziest person in the world so I don't really like my makeup procedure to be complicated.  *WINK WINK*
First, I apply my makeup base after my skincare.
It's actually a sunblock and it can also be used as a makeup base. It is very popular and common in Taiwan and i think it is also selling in SG right now if I'm not wrong.
Sunblock is the most important procedure. It is part of my skincare routine so I will apply it everyday and trust me, your skin will be much better if u keep the good habit of sun-blocking!
My concealer is from Bobbi Brown, it's quite a common one among all the girls so you can go n check it out at their stores!
and LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! here comes my foundation
L'oreal 3-tone Foundation
This is so far the best foundation that i've ever used, but sadly we can't get it in SG *CRY*
It is super hot-selling in Taiwan and I really wonder why they don't have it in SG! The powder is really small and it matches our skintone perfectly! My skin looks so flawless and silky with it and I really cant live without it!!! Let's pray that they will be selling it here SOON!!

This are the eyeshadows that I use and ok I know they're all in brown *SHY*
I think brown eyeshadow matches Asian skin tone the best that is why most of the girls have at least one brown palette in their bag haha!!
And my procedure goes like this,
I apply KATE gel eye shadow as the base for my eye makeup and the color will be more define and long lasting afterwards.
The other 2 palettes are from LUNASOL and MJ.
I'm quite surprised that most of the girl in SG have never heard of the brand LUNASOL before because it is SO DAMN POPULAR in JAPAN, HONG KONG AND TAIWAN!!!!!
I got mine in Taiwan when they were having their X'mas special collection so I bought it at a really good deal *SMILE*
The palette is actually very useful as it comes with 8 colors and i really love the way the eyeshadow colors look on my eye! <3

Gonna share with you the way I do my eye makeup :p
I like to highlight the bottom eyeline so it looks really nice when you smile. I don't what they call in in English but they call it "wo-chan"  The idol who has the thickest wo-chan should be Show Luo hahaha!!!

This is how my makeup normally looks like. I would love to post a tutorial soon :) And long smiley eyes are my signature look so as u can see I extend and thicken my eyeliner at the end of my eyes!

These are all the tools that I use for my eyes and eyebrows!!
I use MAYBELLINE eyeliner and this is really my FAVORITE one because it's really dark and thin so u can draw it easily! HIGHLY recommended for the liquid eyeliner newbies! :)
I know most of you will find my makeup look quite unique but actually I did most of the same steps like everyone else! But there is one thing that I need to do to complete MIO LOOK! :p hahaha the answer is EYEBROWS!!!
I like thick and straight eyebrow like Korean female celebs :D and I also use eyebrow dye in order to match my hair color!! Don't you find it weird if u have blond hair but your eyebrows are BLACK???

I also like very long bottom lashes!! So I will apply mascara until I get the result I'm satisfied with! I think it helps to give a more define look and for those who are lazy, u can actually just put false bottom lashes! But because I'm super moron and I have totally no skill at it, I shall just continue to stick to the old and traditional method *LAUGH*

Also, I like to apply glitter at the bottom of my eyes to make myself look more adorable *SHY*  It looks like you are about to tear anytime! Don't u think it looks very innocent? *PUPPY EYE*

Everybody has been asking me, "WHAT BLUSHER ARE YOU USING PLS TELL ME!"
Here comes my answer! I'm using JILL STUART 4-color blusher and SADLY WE CAN'T GET IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ): The color is really cute like those sweet pinky pinky type and I love the highlight color too!
U can mix n match the color around to change the combination in order to match your eye makeup! But i still prefer to mix all of them together and apply in a circular motion <3

Another good thing about this blusher is that there is a brush attached to it so it's really user friendly and the packaging of the blusher is really nice too :D

My way of putting blusher, smile and apply it in circular motion :p
Highlight your cheekbone,forehead and nose (SUPER IMPORTANT!!)
I realise that pictures with and without highlighting has such a HUGE difference! So this is a must for me when I go to photoshoot and your features will look sharper when you do it too!!!

TADAH~~ I'm done with my cheeks! I often apply thicker blusher so it will be more natural after a period of time and I dun have to do touch up as well!! *HEHEHE*

I'm very lazy to apply lipstick so I only have a 1 with me and 1 red lipstick for blogshop photoshoots! The pink lipstick is from Nature Republic so unfortunately we can't get it here :( But I really love this lipstick because it's a tint lipstick meaning the color will not fade easily so i dont really have to touch up *CHEESE*

I have a huge chubby face and I really hate it! ): Hope I can go botox soon and make it slimmer!! I always look so chubby in pictures *FAINT*  So i'll apply large amount of shading on my face. U can skip this part if u have a small face *JELLY*

I'm using bronzer from NARS. I also have their famous Orgasm and Angelika blushers but I think my mom stole them and I've no idea of where they are now!! *SORRY*

I only use eyelashes with good quality but there is no way for me to spend $30 on one box of eyelashes because I need to use them everyday. So I started to look around and I finally found a shop I trust in in Bugis Street. I have been buying all my false lashes from these shop since 2 years ago and the prices still remain the same!! *THUMBS UP*
It's at level 3 of the new section of Bugis Street. The shop is just beside the escalator! I love their lashes because the quality is really good, unlike those thick and plasticky kind! They are selling the lashes at $15 per box and I always stock up over there! I normally go for a natural kind so most of my false lashes are NOT SUITABLE FOR EMILY *HEHEHEHE*

Gonna end my post with a picture taken during TTR's photoshoot!!
I hope I've answered all of your questions regarding my makeup! But do tell me if I left anything out ok???  I will try my best to post a make up tutorial soon if you girls want to see it!!! <3
xoxo to my readers~~

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