Saturday, 13 October 2012

Gipsy Pixie

It's been a long time ever since i blog about Gipsy Pixie . And yes, I'VE BECOME THEIR EXCLUSIVE MODEL so i will only appear on this awesome blogshop!!

i will normally get lots of clothes after i had my shoot with them (like crazily shopping kind) and i might not have the chance to wear all of them within the week that i suppose to do the advert. But, today is gonna be a special advert day, i'll post all the picked item and share it here with all of you!! GP is the only place i shop ever since i became exclusive so i'm so looking forward to every shoot BECAUSE it will be a SHOPPING DAY!!!

So here goes my PICK OF THE MONTH!!!

-Special Prints

I love the cutting of the dress and of course the marble green color. it's bodycon but very stretchy.

this is not the prints that i will normally go for. But i look really erm.. outstanding when i'm wearing this dress.(VOCAB SUCKS)  Let's put it in a simple way. You will go WOW when you see this dress, simple?? *LOL*

 - Mio's comfort zone
(all these are very typical dress that i will have)

this is one of my fav dress, it is so easy matching:)

love the baby pink and the diff

this jean dress is really adorable!! i feel so vintage <3

spierweb dress, comes in 3 colors!!

-1st ever romber 

i've never got myself a romber because it's very difficult to take off when you wan to go to the restroom, you will be half naked *Blush* But this romber is so comfy and because of the lantan design at the button, it makes ur leg looks really sim!! 

Here comes the end of the pick of the month!!! i'm sure you will like one of the item here!! 
visit now :)

i'm going to start my school next week and i'm currently working at Boulevard so i'm really busy with my work and school.. I might go to Thailand at December with Baby Emily and all.
I'll update you guys again :)

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