Thursday, 4 October 2012


I'm so sorry to all my readers.. Yes i had gone missing because i've alot of problem shifting my blog and i'm a IT NOOB *opps* so ya. I"M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just to summaries what happen last month. I joined Tvn Kpop Starhunt audition and i'm so happy that i actually got into TOP 16 *proud of myself*  i practiced my dance and sent my video for the audition. I was asked to go down for the 2nd round live audition and i didnt expect much to happen because there are sooo many talented kids out there *I'm old auntie*

this is my lucky number. I've waited like 4hrs before my turn and i have no much hope left because we was told that there will be 15 shortlied for the final round. I did a headcount for the shortlisted out there and when i count to 14 i was like.. SIGH ok no more hope as i'm the very last batch *CRY*

we need to go in in the row of 3. There are a lot of crews and cameras inside the room so there were so many pairs of eyes watching you. *SHIVER*
i've the 1st one so stepped forward to introduce myself
i told them that i want to dance but the one of the judge asked me that whether i can sing.
(luckily i warm up my throat)
i sang Jar of Hearts and So Sick, then the korean judge started to talk to me in korean 
And obviously i don't understand any single thing *Laugh*
i think he is trying to tell me that not to showcase my dance because they like my voice.
so i didnt dance in the end *Laugh*
and YES!!!! i am the no. 15 shortlisted
(there are 16 of us)

The happy Mio with my T-shirt. I was really tired because i were there since 1pm and the whole thing ended at 8pm. I didnt have any food the whole day so i'm super shag *Tears*

the shortlisted us. *HURRAY*

i was actually very frighten by the final audition because it's gonna held at PLAZA SING.
YES, you can hear me when you shopping or eating or even in the toilet !?

it's actually very hard to hear your voice when you sing with Mic in a open area so you dun really know your pitch.

mummy was there to support to me and there were a lot of friends specially went down just to support me *THANK Q*

I'm so glad to meet a group of people who love K-pop and we have the same dreams in mind<3
Although i didnt get into the Top2 and fly to Korea to film the reality show, but i've really tried very best and i beat more than 2000 people to be into 16 *YAY*  

I'm still figuring out how to use Blogpost but it's definitely easier than wordpress *HAHA*

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